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Professionalization contracts

Professionalization contracts are offered during the final year of engineering students. Students become employees of the company offering the contract. The duration is 12 months.

A win to win approach

For the student, the purpose of the professionalization contract is to acquire a professional qualification or to complete an initial training with complementary skills in order to gain access to a specific position in a company. The beneficiaries are paid as a percentage of the minimal Salary defined by the French labor law according to their age and the level of training.
For the company, this formula provides an engineer quickly operational and trained in its methods. The professionalization contract also entitles for certain hirings and within certain limits, to an exemption from employers’ social security contributions.

Application process

The professionalization contract is addressed to : Polytech Clermont-Ferrand initial training students aged 16 to 25 and admitted to the last year of the engineering cycle, to all employers subjected to the financing of continuing vocational training, with the exception of the Government, local authorities and public administrative establishments.


Funding Training costs, paid by the company, include educational registration and the cost of training at Polytech Clermont-Ferrand. Part or all of the cost of the training may be borne by the Joint Collective Authorized Collector (OPCA) to which the company belongs.