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Polytech Group

Polytech is a group of 14 public faculties dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering.

These institutions, under the authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, form a network of 14 French universities, sharing a unique model for their 14 faculties of engineering. All 86 different curricula of Polytech correspond to the 86 Masters in engineering degrees (Diplômes d’Ingénieur) that are accredited by CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur).

All curricula are classified into 12 different scientific fields. Polytech group includes 68 000 alumni and more than 3 000 new Masters graduates every year. Geared towards industrialists and economic stakeholders, the graduates are acknowledged for their excellence at national and international level generating numerous job opportunities.

With a staff community of more than 1 300 faculty-members, Polytech group supports excellence in 125 research laboratories. More than 1 000 qualified lecturers from companies in all professional sectors also contribute to taking up the challenges in engineering education of the graduate students.

About Polytech Group :