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Auvergne Rhône Alpes

Good reasons to study in Auvergne

  1. Because I want to study in the new world
  2. Auvergne has the winning combination : hospitality, assitance, ambience.
  3. I am awaited and well welcomed !
  4. My diploma is wanted within the labour world
  5. Less time in public transportation means more time for the rest
  6. Auvergne vibrates with the sounds of rock : Clermont-Ferrand has been awarded the title of the most rock city in France and « la coopérative de Mai » (concert hall) is nationally or even internationally recognised.
  7. For the same price as a basement in Paris, I have a duplex in Clermont (average price for a T1 appartment in Clermont-Ferrand : €400)
  8. I do archeology with Vercingétorix and maths with Blaise Pascal : patrimony present everywhere in the region and place of famous and emblematic characters.
  9. I live some great artistic escapes there ! Auvergne is a land of festivals : Rendez Vous du Carnet de Voyage, International Film fest, Vidéoformes, Trace de Vie, Europavox, Jazz en Tête …
  10. Porque puedo encontrar al Mundo : more than 150 nationalities mixed together in Auvergne within the higher education schools.
  11. Oxygen is good for my brain : Clermont-Ferrand is at the base of the Volcanoes Park, the biggest natural, regional park in France
  12. Between two classes, I can do some outdoor sport : hike, climb, crossbike, ski …
  13. I can train with an olympic champion at the stadium Jean Pellez (near Polytech Clermont-Ferrand !) or practise my favourite sport inside of the sport centre « les Cézeaux » (5 hectares), at the House of sports, at the ice-skating centre, the olympic pools …
  14. I can become an engineer, but also go on drama classes thanks to the University Cultural Service (SUC) which offers writing-reading, cinema, muscical, theatre, plastic arts, dancing workshops …
  15. On the weekend, I feel like I’m on holidays …
  16. I like to live in the heart of Europe, at the crossway of the north/south (Paris/Barcelone axis) and west/east (Lyon/Bordeaux axis) motorways.
  17. Altitude gives me strong momentum : Silicon Valley is just like Auvergne … without the volcanoes !
  18. Clermont-Ferrand is at human-size : average town at the heart of the nature, Clermont and its agglomeration gather close to 380 000 inhabitants.
  19. I sharpen my brainpower and buns : here, the sandwiches from the university restaurant are made with genuine Saint-Nectaire cheese.
  20. Research also reaches peaks with more than 30 reserach laboratories nationally and internationally recognised
  21. Thanks to rugby, I learn group values : respect, solidarity, friendshipness, fellowship …
  22. With 42 000 other students, I am not alone. And I especially meet them during one big annual event : « Clermont fête ses étudiants » (= Clermont celebrates its students) ; a whole week full of entertainment and propositions in order to welcome everyone.

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