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The Department of Biological Engineering offers a balanced training between the theoretical, applied and situational aspects through courses, tutorials, practical work and projects, as well as several internships in laboratories or companies.

Organization of the three years

The Biological Engineering courses are taken in 3 years :

  • the 3rd year includes the basic fundamentals in biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, bioprocesses engineering in a general engineering program (courses in common to all specialties of the school),
  • the 4th year is to strengthen the specific skills of the future engineer (genetics - bioinformatics - immunology) and business sciences (human and social sciences, projects with industrial partnerships),
  • the 5th year gives more specializations in biological engineering preparing future engineers to enter the job market on various themes of the industrial or research world. During this last year, engineering students can also follow :
    • a transversal option "Energy"
    • a double degree in Research Master with Clermont Auvergne University (2 Masters are proposed)
    • a specialized diploma in Pharmacy with Clermont Auvergne University
    • a Master of Science abroad with a foreign partner university (3 Masters are proposed)
    •  a semester abroad at a partner university (covered by an ERASMUS or bilateral agreement)
    • a Master in Management (3 Masters are proposed)
    • the last year at a Polytech school belonging to the Polytech network offering a specialization in the field of "Biological and Food Engineering" (Polytech Sorbonne, Polytech Lille, Polytech Montpellier, Polytech Marseille, Polytech Angers).


In total, 10 months of training are planned at least during the 3 years.

A compulsory internship is foreseen every year :

  • a discovery internship of the industrial world in a company at the end of 3rd year (1 month).
  • an internship abroad at the end of the 4th year (4 months minimum).
  • an internship in a company at the end of 5th year during the second semester (5 months) or a professionalization contract throughout this year (8 months in a company).