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  • Développez vos talents : créer, manager, communiquer, s’ouvrir au monde...
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The courses in Humanities and Social Sciences have as objective to develop the skills essential to the profession of engineer.

The courses in Humanities and Social Sciences are cross-disciplinary, therefore taught in all sectors of Polytech Clermont-Ferrand, with the aim of making student engineers able to :

  1. Ask and analyze complex problems ;
  2. Look for solutions alone or in groups ;
  3. Implement decisions, lead collectives, pilot ;
  4. To know oneself, to develop one’s own skills, to manage one’s own career, to undertake.

They are centered around 4 teaching poles :

  • English and second languages ​​(German, Spanish, Italian)
  • Expression, Cultures and Communication
  • Management, psychology, organization and HRM
  • International macro-economics, management, marketing, finance, law

In each of these areas, importance is given to culture, general, corporate and international.