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The courses in Humanities and Social Sciences...

The courses in Humanities and Social Sciences have as objective to develop the skills essential to the profession of engineer.

The courses in Humanities and Social Sciences are cross-disciplinary, therefore taught in all sectors of Polytech Clermont-Ferrand, with the aim of making student engineers able to :

  1. Ask and analyze complex problems ;
  2. Look for solutions alone or in groups ;
  3. Implement decisions, lead collectives, pilot ;
  4. To know oneself, to develop one’s own skills, to manage one’s own career, to undertake.

They are centered around 4 teaching poles :

  • English and second languages ​​(German, Spanish, Italian)
  • Expression, Cultures and Communication
  • Management, psychology, organization and HRM
  • International macro-economics, management, marketing, finance, law...

In each of these areas, importance is given to culture, general, corporate and international.